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Free Fonts for Download from Dafont.com

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Dafont is a free font website, offering freeware, shareware, demo and public domain typefaces. The most recent new fonts are always presented on the home page, though the easiest way to find a font that suits your needs is to browse one of dafont’s many themes, such as “western” or “sci-fi.” The “top 100” also reveals a nice, varied selection of fonts. Once viewing a category of fonts, the simple yet powerful interface allows you to preview text of your choice in all of the typefaces, with variants (such as bold vs. italic) if you choose. This is a great way to see not only the look of a typeface, but also specifically how the typeface will look for your needs. If you are looking for a font by name, you can also browse an alphabetical listing.

Mac or PC fonts can be downloaded from a listing page or from a specific font page, which allows you to see each character. Each font has notes on the website pertaining to license rights, but be sure to read the files in your font download for full details, as many of the fonts are free only for personal use or have other restrictions.

Visit Their Website

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