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Typography & Fonts

Typography is crucial to almost all design projects. Learn the basic terms, how to use type, and where to get fonts.
  1. Where to Get Fonts (6)

Where to Find Fonts
Knowing where to find fonts for your graphic design projects can make your job much easier. When you find the perfect font that meets your needs it can help you achieve that ideal finished product for both you and your client. Check out this list of font websites with both free and paid fonts for download.

Essential Fonts for Graphic Design

A list of essential fonts for a graphic designer, including some of the most popular and commonly used typefaces. While many of these fonts come installed with your computer, this list includes links to purchase the full font families on Linotype.com.

Types of Fonts

There are several different types of fonts that make up the majority of the fonts found today. The three main types are OpenType fonts, TrueType fonts and Postscript, or Type 1, fonts.

We Love Typography
We Love Typography is a simple and clever website dedicated to all things type, with images, video and text submitted by a small group of contributors. The dedicated group of contributors makes the site a great source of inspiration for designers looking for amazing use of typography.

Using Typography and Fonts in Graphic Design
Typography is crucial to almost all design projects. It is important to understand basic typography terms, how to use it effectively and how to find and identify the best fonts for a project.

Top Font Picks for Graphic Design
A selection of top font choices for a variety of projects, styles and businesses.

Identifying Fonts with What the Font
What the Font is a great tool that can help identify fonts. Just upload an image or enter an image URL and let "What the Font?!" do the rest, telling you what font is being used.

Type Families
The different options available within a typeface, such as roman, bold and italic, make up a type family. Times New Roman and Helvetica are examples of type families. These families are extremely useful because a designer can use just one or two within a project, but still have a wide variety of styles to choose from. This helps to achieve a consistent design.

Basic Typography Terminology
Some basic definitions to help you understand how type is described and measured.

Letter Anatomy
There is a standard set of terms to describe the parts of a character. These terms, and the parts of the letter they represent, are often referred to as "letter anatomy" or "typeface anatomy." By breaking down letters into parts, a designer can better understand how type is created and altered and how to use it effectively.

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