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How to Get Organized in Your Design Business


When working as a graphic designer, it is important to get organized. If your business is not organized, there is a good chance your design will ultimately suffer. Keeping track of design tasks, leads, client requests, finances, emails, and phone calls is all part of getting, and staying, organized. This can be especially difficult for freelancers, who often handle all aspects of their business. Fortunately, there are ways to get organized ranging from simple tricks to helpful software.

Project Management and Time Tracking

Project management and time tracking software is one of the best ways to get organized. All of your tasks, files, and leads can be stored in one place, with reminders for you or your staff.

Organize Your Files

A great deal of time can be wasted searching for files that are essential to your design business. Get organized by organizing your files with these tips and applications.

Update Your Portfolio

For graphic designers, building a portfolio and keeping it updated is an important part of staying organized. If your portfolio is ready and up-to-date, you will be prepared when you get a lead on a project or when applying for graphic design jobs.

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