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Holiday Card Design

Make Your Own Holiday Card, Inspiration and Online Printers


If you design a holiday card each year for your design business (or just as a side project) you may find yourself in need of some holiday design inspiration, holiday fonts, online printers and other resources. Classic movie posters, well-designed cards and design galleries can help you break out of the ordinary holiday design mold and create something unique and memorable.

Where to Find Holiday Fonts

The right holiday font can complete your holiday card design. A holiday greeting is also a good opportunity to use some of the more fun or unusual typefaces that you may have avoided for client projects. These websites have holiday and New Year's-themed fonts for download. Options include a font called "Cocktail Bubbly," Chanukah and Christmas-themed fonts, and dingbat collections that can be used as icons. Be sure to review the usage instructions for any font before using it.

Online Printers

If you are looking for a lower cost solution for printing holiday cards, especially if you are paying for them out of your own pocket, online printers may be the right solution. The following online printers have several options for printing all types of cards:

Stock Images for the Holidays

If you are looking for that perfect holiday image to complete your design, and cannot photograph or illustrate one yourself, stock websites are an excellent option. They have powerful search functions to search for the right photo, illustration or even audio and video clips for a multimedia card.

Examples of Holiday Designs

Deciding on what to do each year for your holiday card can be a difficult task. You may find yourself designing something too boring or too similar to a previous year. These websites can help inspire you to think outside of the box to help you design something that is definitely not ordinary.
  • Holiday Movie Posters - Design Interview highlights some classic holiday movie posters including Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Story.
  • Holiday Cards - Often holiday cards can be pretty generic. The New York Times, Real Simple Magazine and PSPrint all feature some great examples for the holidays.
  • Dribbble can be an amazing source of inspiration when you are brainstorming your next holiday design. Take a look at the holiday designs of your fellow designers.
  • Etsy isn't just a website for buying the perfect holiday present. Browsing their holiday items can get you in the spirit for your current holiday project.
  • If you are having trouble getting in the holiday mood you should check out Flickr's large selection of holiday images.

Creating a Holiday Card at the Last Minute

Work can often get in the way of personal design projects like yearly holiday cards. These websites give you many options for creating a last minute holiday card or party invitation.
  • Paperless Post has some really great options for creating holiday cards. They even have some free cards that you can use to wish everyone on your list a happy holiday.
  • Snapfish offers many options to share your family pictures on your holiday card. Currently they have some holiday promotions including a free upgrade to overnight shipping on orders of $10 or more.
  • Shutterfly allows you to create holiday cards to showcase your family photos and holiday invites for all of your festivities. Currently you can save up to 40% on holiday cards.
  • Kodak Gallery also offers users the opportunity to create holiday cards or invitations. All holiday cards are currently 25% off.
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