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Learn tips and tricks for completing design tasks and to spark your creativity.
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Graphic Design Interviews
I have been fortunate enough to interview a number of members of the graphic design community. The interviews brought insight on the design processes, self promotion, budgets and maintaining control over your design.

Holiday Card Design
If you design a holiday card each year for your design business (or just as a side project) you may find yourself in need of some holiday design inspiration, holiday fonts, online printers and other resources. Classic movie posters, well-designed cards and design galleries can help you break out of the ordinary holiday design mold and create...

Graphic Design Tutorials
A list of graphic design tutorials to help with your day-to-day design work. They include Photoshop tutorials, Illustrator tutorials and some how-to guides.

How to Get Organized in Your Design Business
When working as a graphic designer, it is important to get organized. If your business is not organized, there is a good chance your design will ultimately suffer. Keeping track of design tasks, leads, client requests, finances, emails, and phone calls is all part of getting, and staying, organized. This can be especially difficult for freelancers, who often handle all aspects of their business. …

How to Use the Adobe Photoshop Tools
The tools available on the Photoshop toolbar and menus are the basis for working in the software. Learning tools such as the crop, clone stamp and marquee, and the use of tool presets, will help facilitate design and improve workflow.

The Graphic Design Process
When starting a new design project, there are steps to follow that will help you to achieve the best results. You can save yourself time and energy by first researching the topic, finalizing your content, starting with simple sketches, and getting several rounds of approval on designs.

The Benefits of a Graphic Design Blog
There are many benefits to writing your own graphic design blog. Writing a blog can build a community around your website, promote your business, and help to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

Create Your Own Custom Holiday Cards
Creating a custom holiday cards are a great way to promote your design business during the holiday season. Custom holiday cards can show off your design skills while keeping in touch with clients, and they can be printed or sent as emails as a lower cost solution. Even for non-designers, creating custom holiday cards can be a fun project that give your greetings a personal touch. There are many c…

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