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Apple MobileMe Accounts

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An Apple MobileMe account (formerly .Mac) is a great way to sync essential data on several computers or devices and to back up files. A MobileMe account costs $99 per year and gives you online access to your bookmarks, contacts, calendars, email, with 20GB of storage.

File Syncing

It can often be difficult to keep several computers or devices in sync. MobileMe automatically syncs contacts, calendars and email between any number of computers (Mac and PC) and your iPod or iPhone. If you have a computer at work and at home, it is incredibly convenient to find everything in sync, such as a phone number for a contact that you might have just updated. MobileMe works with Microsoft Outlook on a PC and the standard Mac applications (Mail, Address Book and iCal) to keep files up-to-date.


An iDisk is an online hard drive associated with a MobileMe account. It is a great way to backup files and to share files with others or between computers. You can add files to an iDisk just like any other drive, and then pull them off by connecting to the iDisk from another computer. The iDisk also has a public folder so you can send files to others or have others send files to you, just by dropping them in your public folder. Since emailing large files can often cause trouble, an iDisk is a great alternative.


A MobileMe account gives you the ability to create an online photo gallery. Photos are uploaded and edited through your online MobileMe account, or uploaded directly from iPhoto (for Mac users). Friends and family can then access your galleries online, and watch full-screen slideshows. They can even download high-resolution files for printing.

MobileMe Pricing

Individual plans for MobileMe are $99 per year, but you can start with a generous 60-day free trial. The plan comes with 20GB of storage and up to 200GB of monthly data transfer. Family packs, for $149 per year, come with one full individual account (with 20GB of storage) and four additional accounts with an email address and 5GB of storage. Extra storage can also be purchased at $49 per 20GB per year.
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