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Illustrations are used throughout graphic design in art and design books, magazines, advertisements, posters, book covers, websites, comic books and more. They are a great way to add visual interest to a design for anything from a political debate to a comic book character. Being able to depict something through a drawing can often be critical to communicating an idea, thought or a story and often nothing "says" it better than an illustration. This list of illustration blogs and websites showcases some great illustration work, tutorials and news.

Illustration Age

Illustration Age is an illustration blog that aims to appeal to professional illustrators, artists, art directors, artist representatives and all illustration enthusiasts. Thomas James is the Editor/Creative Director whose work has appeared in numerous publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Reader and The Portland Mercury. He is also the Editor/Art Director of the illustration website Escape From Illustration Island. With the help of assistant editors Kelly Weed Stanley, Marjolein Calijoux, Mark Kaufman, Marc Scheff and Michael Byers, Thomas is able to deliver a blog that is both visually appealing and informative.

Ape on the Moon

Ape on the Moon "believes in the value of good, contemporary visual art and in supporting and promoting those that create it." It is an illustration blog that showcases various types of design including animation, character illustration, comic art, digital illustration, ink illustration, information graphics, linear illustration, paper illustration, photographic illustration, vector illustration and watercolour illustration. Ape on the Moon is operated by founder and illustrator Alex Mathers and illustrator Philip Dennis.

Illustration Friday Blog

Illustration Friday Blog is a weekly illustration challenge. The blog posts a topic every week and site users have the week to create their own interpretation. The site urges participants to get their submissions live by Thursday, leaving time for views and comments. This illustration blog has a "Pick of the Week" where one image is chosen randomly from the previous week to be displayed. Illustration Friday was created by illustrator Penelope Dullaghan and is technically supported by Brianna Privett.


Drawn is an illustration blog that "is your daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation cartooning and comic art." Popular tags on this blog include how-to, illustration, comic strips, cartoons and character design. Drawn is run by Jared Chapman, Matt Forsythe, Jaleen Grove, David Huyuck, Ward Jenkins, Adam Koford, Luc Latulippe and John Martz. Users can submit their work or a link to something they like for consideration to be featured on the blog.

Thunder Chunky

Thunder Chunky provides articles, interviews and inspiration about illustration. Their "...aim is to keep all you people out there amused and interested for as long as we can before you find something genuinely important to do with your day." Thunder Chunky is run by digital designer Jon Raffe, illustrator Stephen Chan, designer Mike Ng, new media artist and designer Andriana Katsiki, illustrator Ben O'Brien, visual designer Adam Irwin and designer Dave Pang.

Escape From Illustration Island

Escape From Illustration Island provides inspiration and resources for illustrators offering site visitors access to a weekly podcast, book and audio sections, portfolio workshops, weekly tutorials, articles, a resource library and an online community of illustrators. The site provides articles in the following categories: Creativity, Business, Inspiration, and Ask Escapee, an illustration question and answer forum. The website is run by Editor/Creative Director Thomas James and his team who also create the blog Illustration Age.


Pikaland is an illustration "blog about living the illustrated life - an art and illustration blog that's a collection of beautiful things and inspirations..." The blog focuses on work made by illustrators and artists, which is made available for sale. Pikaland has categories including illustrations, print, interviews, inspiration and creativity. The site is run by Amy Ng an illustrator from Malaysia who is "madly in love with illustrations."

Book By It's Cover

Book By It's Cover exists to showcase various art publications including children's books, comics, design books, art books and sketchbooks. The blog also features interviews with authors and illustrators and highlights guest bloggers. Book By It's Cover was created by Julia Rothman, an illustrator, pattern designer and author. She runs the site with the help of her assistant Leah Goren. Links to where you can purchase the books are included to provide site visitors access to anything that interests them.
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