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Font Doctor - Font Organization and Repair for the Mac

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When working as a graphic designer, you are bound to have hundreds of fonts on your computer. When dealing with so many fonts, it is common to run into problems such as corrupted files, multiple fonts with the same name, and messy organization. These and other problems can affect the performance of your computer and get in the way of finishing a design project that requires a specific typeface. This is where Font Doctor for the Mac comes in.

Font Repair

Font Doctor scans your computer to locate fonts and:

  • Repair damaged font files
  • Locate missing PostScript fonts
  • Eliminate extra font sizes
  • Locate different fonts with the same name

Font Organization

To help you manage your font library, Font Doctor can organize your collection automatically by:

  • Font name
  • Family name
  • Alphabetically

Font Utilities

In addition to repairing and organizing your collection, Font Doctor can:

  • Convert fonts between Windows and Mac formats
  • Generate reports
  • Print font sample sheets based on your collection
  • Back-up your fonts
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