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Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Graphic Design Business


LinkedIn is a business networking website that allows professionals to connect and help each other. Unlike many other networking tools that were originally geared towards socializing, LinkedIn is specifically for business networking and therefore an obvious choice as a tool to market yourself as a graphic designer.

Your LinkedIn Profile

The main content on LinkedIn is user profiles. Profiles are like an online resume, with a member’s job history, education, website links, professional memberships and awards and honors. Your profile is your chance to tailor a page that other LinkedIn members will see. You can expand a profile with a note about current projects (“What are you working on?”), recommendations, personal information and even a selection of applications with various functions. LinkedIn makes completing your profile easy by telling you what percentage of it is complete. Having a LinkedIn profile gives people another way to find you based on your skill set… and another way to find graphic design jobs and projects.

LinkedIn Contacts

Once your profile is set up, you can connect with others. You can start by importing contacts from address books or email accounts to check who is on LinkedIn, and search for specific people to add others. You can join groups to connect with people in your industry or from schools you attended, and you can see who your connections are connected with to extend your network. By extending your contact group, you can help others find you and help yourself find others who you may want to collaborate with.

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