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TinEye Image Search Engine by Idée

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TinEye, currently in beta, is an image search engine developed by Idée. Unlike most other image search engines, that work with keywords, TinEye uses images to find images… upload an image and TinEye searches the Internet for matches based on the image itself. I was truly impressed when one of my first test searches revealed “1 result: searched over 1.01 billion images in 0.010 seconds.”

TinEye Searching

Searching with TinEye is quick and easy. Simply choose a file from your computer and TinEye automatically searches the index, which currently includes over 1 billion images. Even easier to use is the Firefox plugin, which allows you to right-click an image and instantly perform a TinEye search. After a successful search, your original image and an image result can be easily compared.

Uses of TinEye

As the TinEye index grows, it will undoubtedly become an extremely useful design tool. It can be used to find where your images exist elsewhere, which could help locate websites that feature a designer’s work, or perhaps those that are stealing it. Since TinEye finds similar images and not just exact matches, you can also find examples of altered work. Another great use would be to locate a higher resolution version of an image than you currently have, extremely helpful for design projects. Have you ever wanted to use an image in a project but don’t know the original source or owner? Use TinEye to research where it came from.

More About TinEye

TinEye was developed by Idée Inc, creators of many impressive online applications. The site can search JPEG, PNG and GIF images. If you are concerned about the images you search, they are not added to the TinEye index or accessible to other users.
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