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Graphic Design Job Search Sites


If you are looking for a graphic design job, there are many websites that list open positions in the industry. Here are some options to choose from. 

Find Work in Graphic Design on the Behance Network Job List

The Behance Network Job List focuses on graphic design jobs. There are numerous and varied fields within the industry to choose from including advertising, animation, branding, game design, editorial design and typography. When looking for work in graphic design on the Behance Network Job List users can search by keyword in all fields or specify which field they would like to focus on. Users can also look for jobs via a separate company directory search

Graphic Design Positions at Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a user-friendly online job site that features a wide variety of graphic design jobs.  The site features an outstanding live search and graphic design positions searchable by location, category and keyword. On Authentic Jobs, users will find listings for full-time, contract, freelance and internship positions. It is free to view and apply for jobs, and contact email addresses are often available so you avoid going through unnecessary steps and online forms. Job listings offer tags and related listings to help find similar jobs.

Jobs for Graphic Designers on the 37signals Job Board

The 37signals Job Board is a well-designed site with a simple layout and an easy to use search function. There are many listings for graphic design jobs from a variety of different companies and areas of the industry. The 37signals Job Board is separated into seven different categories. The categories are Design, Programming, iPhone Developer, Business/Exec, Customer Service/Support, Copywriter and Miscellaneous. You will notice that some of the jobs are highlighted in yellow. Companies have paid a fee so their job opening stands out from the standard white listings.

Job Listings and Articles for Freelancers from FreelanceSwitch

FreelanceSwitch is an excellent online resource for all kinds of freelancers, with a blog full of articles and advice, a freelancers directory, job board, forum and other resources. The site is very well-designed, so graphic designers shouldn't have a problem spending time on it browsing for graphic design jobs.

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