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Jobs for Graphic Designers on the 37signals Job Board

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The 37signals Job Board is a well-designed site with a simple layout and an easy to use search function. There are many listings for jobs for graphic designers from a variety of different companies and areas of the industry.

The Job Listings

The 37signals Job Board is separated into seven different categories. The categories are Design, Programming, iPhone Developer, Business/Exec, Customer Service/Support, Copywriter and Miscellaneous. You will notice that some of the jobs are highlighted in yellow. Companies have paid a fee so their job opening stands out from the standard white listings.

The Job Search

The 37signals job board does not allow you to perform an advanced search, such as for all design jobs in New York. However, you can search by keyword and your results are automatically narrowed down as you type.

Job Posts

It is free to view and apply for jobs on 37signals. Job postings contain a job title, location, description, how to apply instructions and company information. You can often apply directly to the company via a provided contact email address. There are also links to “tell a friend” and “tweet” about individual positions.

More about 37signals

Since 2006 respected companies have used 37signals to advertise jobs for graphic designers. 37signals is highly respected in the field for their products such as Basecamp and Highrise. Their book Rework on running your own business is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

You can follow the 37signals Job Board on Twitter, and on the 37signals company blog.

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