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Instagram is a free photo sharing app for the iPhone that allows you to take photos, transform them with a variety of filters, and easily share them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networking sites. Instagram has quickly grown into an extremely popular iPhone app and social networking tool, providing a quick and easy way to share photos and find photo and design inspiration.

Taking Photos with Instagram

Instagram has a built-in camera function, making it easy to quickly snap a photo to share in the app. You can also pull photos directly from your iPhone photo library, so you can share older photos taken with your iPhone or photos synced from your iPhoto library on your computer. All Instagram photos are square, so after you take or select a shot you are presented with an easy interface to scale and crop it.

Transforming Photos with Instagram

After your photo is cropped, you can transform the look of it with a variety of filters. Most of the filters are designed to give your photo a vintage look, bringing back polaroids and old black-and-white pictures. While quick Photoshop style filters are often considered cheap tricks, people have embraced Instagram because it simply makes photo sharing fun.

Photo Sharing with Instagram

When you are done editing an Instagram, you can choose to share it just within the app or on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr and Foursquare. Instagram also creates a web page with your image that you can link to, but that's as far as the website goes. It is not the place to follow people, view galleries or submit photos. All of that functionality is reserved for the app itself, where you can view photos from your friends, see popular photos, find people to follow and more.

Inspiration from Instagram

Whether you enjoy taking photos or just looking at them, Instagram can be a great source of design inspiration. There are countless amazing images, transformed by the Instagram filters, putting a new twist on photo sharing and social networking through images.
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