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11. Pattern Tap UI Examples

Pattern Tap is a website that provides design inspiration to user interface (UI) designers. The UI examples are submitted by the community, known as contributors, and anyone can join for free. Pattern Tap is made up of four main sections: Main Tap, Collections, User Sets and People. Each section on Pattern Tap has UI examples and user-friendly filters that allow you to sort by various criteria such as tags (elegant, clean, texture, etc) and collections (layout, footers, signup, etc). Filters can easily be reset and the user interface makes it easy to browse the UI examples. 

12. IBM Print Ad Campaign by Noma Bar

IBM worked with illustrator Noma Bar on their new campaign, featuring beautiful, clever artwork coupled with short statements. The 12 print pieces highlight IBM accomplishments, including saving money for Netherlands railways and helping to stop online theft. Check out a gallery of all the work

13. Design by Veerle Pieters of Duoh!

View a gallery of designs by Veerle Pieters, a graphic designer who currently lives in Deinze, Belgium. Her blog, which is very popular among the design community, covers everything from web technologies to design tutorials. Veerle, along with Geert Leyseele, also founded Duoh!, a design studio that creates beautiful work and has fun doing so. 

14. Interior Design Blogs

Interior decorating and product design for the home are great sources of inspiration. The colors, patterns, shapes and textures of anything from a couch to a coat rack to a fully decorated room can provide great examples of well-executed design. Here are some blogs and websites on interior design to check out:

  • Apartment Therapy: Interior decorating and products for the home.
  • 30elm: Home design cases studies categorized by region, type of room and style.
  • Design Milk: Art and design for your home.
  • This Ain't No Disco: Office design of agencies and design firms.
  • Design Sponge: DIY Tips, home tours, trends, recipes and events. 

15. Design Firm Logos

Design firms, agencies and freelancers are often creating logos and identities for their clients. They also have to create their own brands, which can be a complicated and rewarding process.  Looking at the logos of other designers can help inspire the design of logos you are working on. 

16. Examples of Successful Flash Portfolios

A well-designed flash portfolio must show the designer’s best work and present it effectively, using the flash to do so without overwhelming the user with animation or loading time. The design of the website itself becomes part of the portfolio, and should be treated as such. This article includes examples of online flash portfolios that do this successfully, and provide design inspiration for any kind of website.

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