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Sources of graphic design inspiration and ways to spark your creativity.

Graphic Design Inspiration
There are many sources of graphic design inspiration including books, magazines and websites. Below are some resources you can turn to for design inspiration.

Pattern Tap UI Examples
Pattern Tap is a website that provides design inspiration to user interface (UI) designers. The UI examples are submitted by the community, or contributors, and anyone can join for free.

Illustration Gallery

An illustration gallery featuring illustrators and illustrations highlighted in the graphic design blog.

IBM Print Ad Campaign by Noma Bar
A collection of designs from the 2010 IBM print advertising campaign by Noma Bar.

Design Gallery by Veerle Pieters of Duoh!
Design Gallery by Veerle Pieters of Duoh!

Using Photography for Graphic Design Inspiration
Photography is a great source of graphic design inspiration. There are many online resources that give you access to vast photo collections, from photography portfolios to stock photography websites.

Interior Design Blogs
Interior decorating and product design for the home are great sources of inspiration. The colors, patterns, shapes and textures of anything from a couch to a coat rack to a fully decorated room can provide great examples of well-executed design. Below are some blogs and websites on interior design to check out.

Featured Websites
Below is the ongoing list of featured websites from the about.com graphic design blog.

A Museum Directory for Graphic Design Inspiration
Visiting museums of all types can be a great source of graphic design inspiration. This museum directory has a focus on modern art, design and technology.

Infographics and data visualization use illustrations used to communicate information, data or knowledge. Infographics first appeared in cave paintings and map drawings and are used today from everything to road signs to visual representations of the state of the economy. Often what you want to say is better said in picture than in words. In...

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