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Graphic Design Basics


Learn the basics of graphic design, from typography to color to layout, tools and more.
  1. The Basics
  2. Typography
  3. Introduction to Color
  4. Layout
  1. The Printing Process
  2. Computers & Software
  3. History

The Basics

Starting from scratch? Find out what graphic design is, what you need to do it, uses of graphic design, and more info for beginners.



Typography is crucial to almost all design projects. Learn the basic terms, how to use type, and where to get fonts.

Introduction to Color

Color Swatch

To effectively use color, it is important to understand the basics. In this introduction to color, learn about the different color spaces and models.


Once you have content for a project, creating a proper, balanced layout can determine the effectiveness of a design.

The Printing Process

Learn the basics of print production and the printing process.

Computers & Software


Essential hardware and software to begin as a graphic designer.


Learn basic graphic design history, including key moments in graphic design.

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