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Tips and advice on handling the business side of graphic design, from dealing with clients to project management to setting rates.
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Graphic Design Pricing
A list of tools, resources and articles to help with graphic design pricing, setting graphic design rates, time tracking and other aspects of the financial side of design.

How to Promote Your Graphic Design Business

There are many ways to promote a graphic design business, including blogging, word-of-mouth, email newsletters and social networking. Many of these methods are inexpensive or free, and can lead to increased exposure for your business and new clients. Even when a design business is extremely busy, it is important to continue to market your work, and many of these approaches can become a part of your everyday workflow.

Five Ways to Improve Your Graphic Design Business
There are many ways to improve your graphic design business. Some of the most obvious ways include building your portfolio and improving your skill set through practice or courses. However, there are additional improvements you can make to your business that don't involve design work. These include anything from how you dress to how you write.

Graphic Designers Directory
A directory of graphic designers, design firms, freelancers and design studios from the about.com graphic design community, added by our readers.

Share Your Experience: Running a Design Business in a Bad Economy
Chances are, the economy has affected the way you do business. Having a business in a bad economy can be very difficult, and some clients may have reduced their budgets for design work or cut out their design budgets completely.

Promote Your Graphic Design Business with Online Interviews
Getting interviewed for a website is a great way to promote your graphic design business. Online interviews will expose your business to a larger audience and drive traffic to your website.

How has the economy affected your design business?
Chances are, the economy has affected the way you do business. Having a business in a bad economy can be very difficult, and some clients may have reduced their budgets for design work or cut out their design budgets completely.

How to Use Twitter for Business
Twitter is a powerful and widely used networking tool, and among other communities, it is very popular among designers and web professionals. While many think it is just for announcing day-to-day social activities, there are many ways to harness Twitter for your graphic design business.

Designing in a Recession – Ways to Save Money
Even in tough times, people are always going to need things designed. Here are some ways to save you and your clients money as you take your design business through a recession.

What is “Spec” Work?
Spec work (short for speculative) is any job for which the client expects to see examples or a finished product before agreeing to pay a fee.

Graphic Design Projects for Friends and Family
A common dilemma that graphic designers face is whether or not to take on projects for friends and family, and what to charge them.

Graphic Design Business Ideas and Tips
Starting or building a graphic design business can be a daunting task. These graphic design business ideas are tips to help spread the word, show off your work and set your rates, as well as suggestions for meeting with clients and managing projects.

Growing Your Graphic Design Business Through Word-of-Mouth
At any stage of a business in graphic design, word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to land more jobs. In this article, I'll discuss some ways to achieve this.

How to Determine a Flat Rate for Graphic Design Projects
Charging a flat rate for graphic design projects is often a good idea, because both you and your client know the cost from the start. Unless the scope of the project changes, the client doesn’t have to worry about going over budget, and the designer is guaranteed a certain amount.

How to Determine an Hourly Rate for Your Graphic Design Business
Setting an hourly rate for your graphic design business is important because it will position you in relation to your competitors, determine what your flat rates are for projects, and of course directly affect what you earn.

Charging Hourly vs. Flat Rates for Graphic Design Projects
A common decision to be made when starting a graphic design project is whether to charge a flat or an hourly rate. Each method has pros and cons, as well as ways to work towards a fair deal for both you and your client.

Time Tracking in Graphic Design
There are many benefits to time tracking in your graphic design business. Keeping track of the hours you spend on projects, and specific tasks, can help you set your rates, improve your business, and even save time in future projects.

How to Create a Graphic Design Project Outline
Before beginning the design phase of a job, it is helpful to create a graphic design project outline. It will provide you and your client with some structure when discussing and creating the pages and elements of a project.

What to Ask Graphic Design Clients
At the start of a project, it is important to know what to ask graphic design clients to gather as much information as possible. This will often occur before you have landed the job, as it is necessary to have this meeting to help determine the cost and timeframe of the project.

What Are Your Plans for Your Design Business in 2010?
What are your plans for your design business in 2010? What will you do differently than last year? Share your business plans and give advice to others entering the new year.

Graphic Design Conferences
Attending design conferences is a great way to build your graphic design business. You will often attend lectures, seminars and collaborative events that give you first-hand expert advice. At the same time, just being at a design conference is an opportunity to network with others in your field and walk away with the potential for new projects...

Graphic Design Competitions
Being recognized as a winner in a graphic design competition can give you widespread exposure. It can also get your work in front of the many expert judges that are typically made up of industry leaders. This list highlights some of the most well known competitions and design awards.

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