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Preparing Content for a Website Portfolio


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Create an Outline

Creating an outline of your content will let you focus on what to include on your site without being distracted by design. You can also start to think about the names for the different sections, though of course they can change later in the process. Common sections include:

  • Portfolio: This is the showcase of your work, and is discussed more in later steps.
  • About: This can be a bio and/or company overview.
  • Contact: Be sure to make it easy for people to find your contact info.
  • The Process: Talk about your design process, goals and how you deal with clients.
  • Case Studies: In a case study section, you can focus on a few clients or projects and discuss the design process. This is effective for showcasing branding jobs or clients for whom you have done several related projects.
  • Clients: A list of clients, often divided by industry or job type.
  • Press: Show publications you have appeared in and any awards or honors.
  • Resume: Depending on the goal of the site, including a standard format resume can be helpful to prospective employers or clients.

These are just a few examples of common sections. Developing new ideas, and presenting these sections in a unique way, is one of the challenges of designing a portfolio website.

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