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Building a Portfolio

A solid portfolio is an essential part of your graphic design career. Get advice on what to include and how to present it.

What to Include in a Website Portfolio
The design of your website portfolio is of course important, and often one of the first examples of your work potential clients and employers will see. The content is just as important. What projects to include, company background, client testimonials, a list of services and other parts of your website portfolio will all contribute to its success. While all of the items below aren't necessary, co…

Online Portfolio Websites
If you are looking to use an online portfolio website to showcase your work there are many options to choose from. While there are benefits to building a custom portfolio and website, below are some popular sites that make building an online presence quick and easy.

How to Build a Graphic Design Portfolio Without Existing Clients
Getting jobs without work in a portfolio can be difficult, as can building a portfolio without jobs, but there are many ways to get a portfolio started. Fastspot's Tracey Halvorsen talks about how to get your portfolio started without existing clients.

Creating Your Online Portfolio - How to Get Started on a Port…
Tips and advice from our users on how to create an online website portfolio.

Types of Graphic Design Portfolios
When trying to break into the field of graphic design, having a solid portfolio is crucial for landing jobs and clients. The online, PDF and classic "book" portfolios each have benefits and drawbacks.

Preparing Content for a Website Portfolio
The web is full of portfolios for graphic designers, web designers, photographers, artists, illustrators and other creative professionals. When building a new online portfolio, there are many factors to consider and decisions to make to set yourself apart and properly showcase your work. You must determine your goals, create an outline, categorize and select your work for presentation, write your content, and design and launch the website.

Creating a PDF Portfolio
Many graphic software programs, such as InDesign and Illustrator, have the option of exporting a design as a PDF. This allows the designer to create a custom brochure-style piece showcasing their best work, which can be emailed to prospective clients or employers.

Examples of Successful Flash Portfolios
A well-designed flash portfolio must show the designer’s best work and present it effectively, using the flash to do so without overwhelming the user with animation or loading time. The design of the website itself becomes part of the portfolio, and should be treated as such.

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