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Design resources to help spark your creativity, including book reviews, helpful websites, recommended magazines and where to find clip and stock art.
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Graphic Design Blogs
Graphic design blogs can be excellent resources for design information, inspiration and tutorials. Many design blogs are written by industry leaders and offer an inside look into what they are interested in and inspired by. This list highlights some of the most popular design blogs.

Online Tools
There are plenty of online tools that can help with both the business and creative sides of graphic design. These include color scheme generators, ways to find domain names, website statistics tracking, project management tools, marketing tools and online wireframe software. All of these tools are accessible through a browser.

Design Inspiration and Articles from Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine is an online magazine and blog dedicated to all things design. The frequently updated site covers everything from lists of inspirational design to HTML tutorials.

Royalty Free Stock Websites
Stock websites are a great resource for finding royalty free stock photography, illustration, video and audio for your graphic design projects.

Area 2 - Graphic Design Book Review
Area 2 is Phaidon’s follow-up to the impressive comprehensive graphic design book area. Keeping with the same format as the original, Area 2 features 100 current graphic designers selected by 10 curators. However, unlike the first edition, Area 2 goes beyond print media to focus on a larger community of “designers” from programmers to performers, along with graphic designers in the classic sense.

Email Marketing with Campaign Monitor
Sending an email newsletter is a great way to spread word-of-mouth on your design business. There are many ways to do it for free, but there are also many services that offer email marketing tools and software, giving you control over design, contact management and statistics to test the effectiveness of your emails. Campaign Monitor is a great, user-friendly email marketing service with affordable pricing.

Graphic Design Books
Building a library of graphic design books can be very helpful to a designer. Some will be showcase books to look through for inspiration, while others may teach design theory or provide tips on running a graphic design business.

Review of Email Newsletter Marketing with Emma
Emma is an online service that manages email newsletter marketing, from organizing contacts to creating design templates to statistics reporting.

Graphic Design Tools & Resources
Tools and resources for graphic designers, including recommended software, online tools, inspiration, design books and magazines, interviews, and where to find fonts, stock photos and online printing.

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